Send better emails and book more clients + 17 email templates


This guidebook is for you if:

  • You are not satisfied with the number of clients you book;
  • You are getting ghosted after you send your prices (clients stop replying);
  • You are not skilled at writing in general and need a good template to get you started;

This guidebook with 50 pages is packed with tips and tricks that we use in our email communication. We have simplified our process of replying emails, perfected our writing, and created templates that help us save hours each week.

You will also learn how to effectively get clients to reply, even when they ghosted you for months! We book clients, who have not replied for 6 months after their initial inquiry was sent!

There are 17 full email templates in this guidebook, that you can copy and use for your business. They are written specifically for wedding photographers but can be easily re-written to cater videographers and other wedding vendors.


You will learn:

  • How to optimise your email communication and save hours each week;
  • What your email should look like;
  • How to approach a client who is ghosting you (not replying to you);
  • How to keep your clients excited about you and your brand;
  • How to avoid getting a ton of emails from clients who have a bunch of questions;
  • How to react when a potential client books someone else;
  • How to remind them their payment is late without sounding like a jerk;
  • 17 full email templates for you to copy and use for your business;

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